Custom Concierge Programs

The senior population will soon comprise 25% of the entire population and older adults are aging differently than their predecessors. While 65-80 used to be considered “old age”, it is now considered “active old age” with many of this age group continuing to work, live independently, travel and lead active social lives. This also means many older adults are choosing to stay at home longer, age in place, and live their lives without being shipped off to “the old folks home”.

So how does this affect your business? Sometimes older adults need a little “help” in their everyday activities and deciding when to downsize, move in with younger family members or to move into a specialized senior residence. This can be a several step process taking years and involving multiple moves and real estate options. As the population ages, it will be important to build long-term relationships with multiple generations of the same family by providing them access to services that are geared to the aging market. No matter if you are a company with employees of an aging parent or an individual, finding services that meet the needs of the aging no matter at what stage they may be in can be a formidable task. By offering them a centralized source that they can access and where they can find a wide variety of “aging” services that have been vetted for quality and at different pricing levels (Circle of Trust), you become the “problem solver” and establish yourself or company a step above your competition. In the case, of realtors, this could result in years of significant selling and buying real estate opportunities and the networking possibilities are endless, we all know “word of mouth” is the best form of advertising.

Concierge programs can be individualized depending on your requirements and as extensive or as simple as you need. One such program, Radman Elite Add-On Domicile Services (READS), is a concierge program for high-end condominium groups.

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