Individual Assessments & Evaluations

An in-depth Evaluation is not always necessary if the “physical and mental behavior” of an individual isn’t in question. A telephone interview may be adequate, the interview questions will be individualized and crafted to best identify trouble areas and measure an individual’s current level of competency. Assessments, when done regularly, can track changes over time and alert those involved with the subject to possible future problems and/or when a more thoroughly Individual Evaluation is needed.

An Individual Assessment that is done on a regular basis is extremely helpful and reassuring to out of town family members, giving them “peace of mind”, and Trusts that have multiple beneficiaries, providing consistent and unbiased reports to all beneficiaries.

The founder of RALS, Sheryl Radman, has been professionally performing Assessments and Evaluations on individuals for both families and Trusts for over five years. She employs and trains the best in their fields to assist in this endeavor. All individual Evaluations are either performed by her or closely supervised and reviewed by her.

Individual Evaluations can and usually do involve multiple members of one family. It is not unusual that each family member will have a different idea and interpretation of the facts; resulting in a very involved Evaluation often requiring the help of medical experts. On the other hand, an Assessment (snapshot of the current situation) may be all that is needed if the client only wants a status update on the situation and subject involved.

The following steps are usually employed in an individual Evaluation:

  • Discovery (establishing the problem/goal)
  • Assessment
    • Snapshot of the current situation
    • interviewing all involved
    • write up report and recommendation
  • A yes or no decision on full Evaluation
  • Conduct in-depth formal Evaluation
    • on-site physical observations
    • Extended Interview of all
    • Involve experts where needed
  • write up findings in a formal report
  • Suggested next steps/Action Plan